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Use PDFs, Video, Audio or Software as a funnel to your social media. Gain trust and make more sales.

Grow your network

Value is the key to opening the gate of followers

Create a landing page for your eBook, design assets, plugins or whatever you plan to offer. Use your creativity to build a funnel to your social media or email list. Bring value to the table and show people why they should buy from you.

Many Integrations


Upsell by offering a discount on your gumroad products

Humans love deals. Sell a premium asset, and offer a discount code along with a free version. Watch your sales and followers increase.


Automatically push your products on Twitter

Discovering your product or brand can be difficult. Being consistent can be time consuming. Queue a list of tweets for each of your products, set a schedule, and let the magic happen.


Build your audience in real life with smart QR Codes

There's a whole world outside the internet. You can be handing out flyers, with a special QR code and grow your followers with a quick scan. The possibilities are endless.


Know your audience

All your product pages come with built in analytics. View where people are coming from, which country you are most popular in, and what devices they are using.


Unshareable download links

The whole idea is to grow your followers. Every time a person follows you, they get their own download link that expires after each use.


Roll your own landing page

Collect emails and followers from any webpage. It's as simple as adding a single line of code, and button to open a modal on your own site.


Export your email list

Build your audience by offering a lead magnet. Connect your favorite email service, and start sending relevant newsletters.

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